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Salesforce Get

Lists summary information about each Salesforce version currently available, including the version, label, and a link to each version's root.

Salesforce Get Version

Lists available resources for the specified API version, including resource name and URI.

Salesforce Get Version Query

Executes the specified SOQL query. If the initial query returns only part of the results, the end of the response will contain a field called nextRecordsUrl. In such cases, use the resource {version}/query/{id} to request the next batch of records...

Salesforce Get Version Query

Retrieves the remaining SOQL query results using the identifier within the field "nextRecordsUrl" value (i.e. "nextRecordsUrl" : "/services/data/v24.0/query/01gD0000002HU6KIAW-2000") located at the end of the initial query results. Requests the ne...

Salesforce Get Version Search

Executes the specified SOSL search. The search string must be URL-encoded.

Salesforce Get Version Sobjects

Lists the available objects and their metadata for your organization's data. In addition, it provides the organization encoding, as well as maximum batch size permitted in queries. For more information, see Internationalization and Character Sets ...

Salesforce Get Version Sobjects Sobject

Retrieves the metadata for an object.

Salesforce Get Version Sobjects Sobject Describe

Completely describes the individual metadata at all levels for the specified object. For example, this can be used to retrieve the fields, URLs, and child relationships for the Account object.

Salesforce Get Version Sobjects Sobject

Retrieves individual records for an object.

Salesforce Get Version Sobjects Sobject Blobfield

Retrieves the specified blob field from an individual record. Because blob fields contain binary data, you can't use JSON or XML to retrieve this data.

Salesforce Delete Version Sobjects User Password

Resets an user password. Salesforce will reset the user password to an auto-generated password, which will be returned in the response.

Salesforce Get Version Sobjects User Password

Gets password expiration status for a given user. The session must have permission to access the given user password information, otherwise an error response is returned.

Salesforce Post Version Sobjects User Password

Changes the password for a given user ID. The new password must conform to the password policies for the organization, otherwise you will get an error response. You can only change one password per request.

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